Daily Prompt: Sweet Sixteen

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When you were 16, what did you think your life would look like? Does it look like that? Is that a good thing?

Ohmai…. sixteen years old… That seems like such a long time ago! I turned sixteen at the beginning of my junior year of high school. We were stationed north of Detroit, Michigan then and I was definitely more involved in my relationship than school.

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Sure I got good grades and was elbow deep in marching band, but I was a total sap and convinced that I was ready to spend the rest of my life with my boyfriend [at the time].

We lived a pretty comfortable life and I never really asked for the bigger and better things, so having a small party with just close friends and family was alright with me. Of course my boyfriend was invited and what did I wish for as I blew out the candles? To marry him and live happily ever after. Pretty lame, right? Now that I’m twenty-six, still unmarried [never even been engaged], and I feel life is pretty good. I’m content, successful, and am a much more confident person.

At the end of my junior year our band took a trip to New York City. My mom accompanied as a chaperon which was tons of fun. We got a LOT of pictures together! That was the first time I think I realized that I wanted to live in a big city, with the craziness and lights and amazing experiences. It definitely gave me a taste of it!

So to make the story short, at sixteen I was doing what any other sixteen year old girl did – fantasized about living the perfect life in the perfect city with the perfect guy.

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